Federal Eye: OPM’s John Berry: President’s Day holiday not cancelled

Monday’s President’s Day federal holiday will not be canceled, Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry said Thursday during a washingtonpost.com live chat.

Berry also said he does not consult President Obama on his decisions to close D.C.-area offices and that easy access to e-mail and the
Internet means OPM will have to reconsider its estimate that taxpayers
lose roughly $100 million per day in lost productivity from federal
workers stuck at home due to the weather.

Read highlights from the chat below:

Washington, D.C.: 2 questions:

1) Will the federal government be open on Friday?

2) Why in the world can a decision not be made earlier in the day? Most of us could predict the decisions for most of the past 4 days,
without waiting til 7 p.m. every day.

John Berry: We have scheduled a Council of Government call for 6 p.m this evening where we will get the most information for tomorrow.

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