Federal Eye: What Would You Do? Adapting YouTube, Facebook and MySpace to Governing

One of the first things The Eye learned as he began his new beat is that many federal workers have felt undervalued, under-appreciated and frustrated in recent years about the lack of innovation and creativity allowed in the workplace.

“Front-line employees have a really good idea of how to do the work of the federal government better,” says Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union. “Current employees and potential employees are looking for a way to put their ideas to work.”

So today we establish a way for federal workers to channel those creative juices by launching an occasional series of reports called “What Would You Do?” We’ll take a trend or emerging idea being discussed around Washington and throw it open to discussion. A few days later we’ll post the best ideas in a follow-up post.

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Good post and thanks for the GovLoop shout-out. I’ve seen this blog forwarded around a bit on Twitter and a couple list-servs. So people are listening. Join the gov’t twitter-verse. Follow me @govloop.