Presidential Transition Update from The Council for Excellence in Government

Following a lengthy Presidential campaign and the historic election of President-elect Barack Obama, all eyes are now on the Presidential Transition. Selecting a team of excellent appointees, getting them on the job or shortly after January 20, and preparing them to hit the ground running to address urgent challenges are Jobs One, Two and Three for the new team.

The Council has been hard at work preparing key information resources and tools to assist in the Transition.

The Washington Post has recently highlighted our transition initiatives in two different articles. Please take a take a look at Al Kamen’s “In the Loop” column which spotlights our new Presidential Appointee Roadmap. A Post editorial last on October 29 referenced my recent House testimony on the key components of a successful Presidential transition. Stay tuned for the release of the roadmap, an interactive guide for prospective nominees, which includes steps, mileposts, obstacles and a path to the finish line, and the new electronic version of A Survivor’s Guide for Presidential Appointees.

Tomorrow, we will launch PrunesOnline–the new, electronic format of the Council’s signature Prune Book series. The 2009 Prune Job Profiles are fully searchable and provide or link to critical information and insights.

Please stay in touch through our new and improved Web site, www.excelgov.org, for news and updates about the Presidential Transition.

All the best,

Patricia McGinnis
President and CEO
The Council for Excellence in Government

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