Federal Green Facilities Management from the VA

Federal sustainability professionals, facilities managers and anyone concerned about the efficiency of federal buildings will be to learn that the Veterans Administration has created a website for its Green Management Programs. The site allows users to view VA green facilities projects by state and at times provides a direct link to a project fact sheet.
VA green Facilities
Of course it’s great to know that the VA is taking sustainability seriously. However, we’re most excited about the fact that this website provides facilities managers with numerous examples of green projects already in place or about to come online. We know that the difference between funding a green facilities project and striking it from the budget can be as simple as showing that the project has been successful before.

Facilities managers and sustainability experts know that improving the energy performance of a building is one of the best ways to control future energy costs. And citing real-world examples in a budget process is one of the most convincing ways to demonstrate the project’s vale. So be sure to visit the VA’s Green Management Programs website before you plan your next facilities project, you just may find your type of project is already in place and saving money.

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