Federal Intranet Content Managers: Call for Presenters

The Federal Intranet Content Managers (FICM) invite YOU to participate in the FICM meeting through “lightning round” presentations to kick off the new fiscal year.

You may recall this format being used at the 2010 Government Web Managers Conference — several speakers presented for roughly 5 minutes each on a single topic, allowing several topics to be covered in a short period of time. This format will allow us to consider several topics and highlight items and individuals for longer presentations later.

To help organize your input on the topics and find out who is interested in presenting, we are using IdeaScale. – Please go to our IdeaScale site
for the “Top Presentation Topics and Speaker Volunteer” list. Please use this link: http://ficm.ideascale.com/a/ideafactory.do?id=9141&mode=top&discussionFilter=byids&discussionID=44104 . Add your name and contact information in the “comments” section.
We’ll see which ideas get the most volunteers and then schedule the next several meetings accordingly.

If you run into challenges in using IdeaScale to volunteer, please send an email to the FICM Steering Committee at [email protected]. We are using this project as an opportunity to test on the fly how best to use a tool like IdeaScale, but want to be sure everyone has an opportunity to participate if they wish.

You can still continue to add or vote on the “Topics to Discuss” list using this link: http://ficm.ideascale.com/a/ideafactory.do?id=9141&mode=top&discussionFilter=byids&discussionID=19741

If you are interested in presenting during the lightning round, simply select “Agree” and then provide your name, contact information, a brief description of your talk, and how you would like to do it, i.e. demonstration, talk only or PowerPoint (any and all formats are encouraged!). You should plan on a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. If you don’t see a topic that interests you, feel free to add to the Topics To Discuss list that you have expertise or just what to bring to the greater FICM group. Note, meetings will be broadcast via GoTo Meeting and a conference phone connection.

We look forward to the Lightning Round!

The FICM Steering Committee


About FICM:

The Federal Intranet Content Managers (FICM) group consists of over 200 federal web professionals and promotes agency intranets as useful, efficient, and necessary parts of agency management strategies. Members of the FICM meet monthly to showcase agency intranets, share ideas, review best practices, discuss policies and procedures, and evaluate new web technologies and techniques. We encourage and invite membership and participation from state and local government intranet managers.

Meetings: Our meetings are the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Participation: A volunteer steering committee plans the meetings and drives the direction of the group, but we also rely on our members to volunteer to demonstrate their Intranets, suggest topics and presenters and lead discussions. We ask our members to consider showing their Intranets through electronic meetings. Communication: Much of our logistical business is conducted through our Listserv. I invite you to subscribe: Listserv: [email protected].

To Subscribe: Email [email protected]

Write SUBSCRIBE FICM-L in the body of your message (not the subject line).

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