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4 Key Challenges to Your First Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement is as old as the idea of government itself. However, with the advent of real-time communication technology, citizen engagement has become so easy that it is now an expectation of the average citizen who assumes that their feedback will be not only heard, but responded to. This feedback is happening everywhere – onlineRead… Read more »

The Connection Between Engaged Citizens and Citizen Behavior

At every level of government, citizens are working to learn more and connect, share their ideas, effect change, and improve services. And despite this growing trend of moving all conversations online, there are many government entities that are hesitant to formally endorse or launch this kind of dialogue. Common questions include: “what if the dialogueRead… Read more »

Innovation Leaders: What We’ve Learned

IdeaScale has a number of great communities. We’re certainly proud of all of them, but there are a few that stand out and those are the ones that have taught us some great lessons about engagement and moderation. Here’s just a few to get started: The President’s SAVE Award Why? Because after four years ofRead… Read more »

5 Things to Think About when It Comes To Innovation Incentives

IdeaScale gets tons of questions and recommendation requests as people develop communities, but there’s one key topic that everyone seems to want to know more about: engagement. Which is why we’ll be talking about the value of innovation communities and the impact they can have on a business at an upcoming conference, but one ofRead… Read more »

In Search of Ideas: How Counties and Towns are Trying to Tap Citizens’ Smarts

***Part of our month-long series on Creating a Digital City with PDF – Check out all our analysis*** Karen Wilkerson is the city administrator for tiny De Leon, Tex., and her job won’t be getting any easier anytime soon. Like localities across the country, De Leon, a town of 2,433 as of the 2000 U.S.Read… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Community – Rate Obama’s SOTU Live on Your iPhone

Gov 2.0 Radio is inviting its community to join in rating President Obama’s State of the Union address live on Tuesday night. You’ll be able to give your feedback second by second on your iPhone – just follow the instructions here. By participating in the live mobile polling, you’ll be building a custom profile ofRead… Read more »

iPhone Users: Rate the State of the Union in Real Time

I’m sure you’ve seen the slider bars and dynamic graphs that TV news organizations use to provide real-time audience and focus group feedback during major speeches and debates. Well, Gov 2.0 Radio is partnering with IdeaScale to promote a new app that allows iPhone users to rate President Obama’s State of the Union address inRead… Read more »

Federal Intranet Content Managers: Call for Presenters

The Federal Intranet Content Managers (FICM) invite YOU to participate in the FICM meeting through “lightning round” presentations to kick off the new fiscal year. You may recall this format being used at the 2010 Government Web Managers Conference — several speakers presented for roughly 5 minutes each on a single topic, allowing several topicsRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Launch of Federal Intranet Content Managers’ (FICM) IdeaScale Site

The Federal Intranet Content Managers are pleased to announce the launch of our new IdeaScale site. This is a request for all members to visit our IdeaScale site and suggest one topic idea related to intranets for future discussions. Also, please vote on the ideas that are currently there. This will help us move forwardRead… Read more »

First look at Seattle City Council budget consultation

Seattle City Council last week launched a budget consultation for their 2011-2012 budget. I did a quick analysis of their IdeaScale site following this checklist: Is it clear who is the convener? Does it say what the site is about? Does the site educate participants about the issue at hand? Is the promise to theRead… Read more »