Federal Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter

CTOvision was once again named one of the top sources for government technology news and analysis. Fed Tech Magazine just published it’s list of “46 Federal Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter” which it later updated to include a 47th member, features CTOvision’s Twitter account, which you can follow for our CTO feed for the CTO, CIO and other enterprise technologists. Other prominent federal technology experts featured on the list are The White House and its Open Government Initiative, the U.S. CIO and the Federal CIO Council, and the trusted technology research firm Gartner. So that you could see and follow the complete list, we put it up on TwitChimp. TwitChimp makes it easy to create, curate, synchronize, and embed Twitter lists and provides insight about lists and accounts with tools such as word clouds and pie charts for type of content. You can click on an account to learn more or to follow it yourself.

You can see our “Federal Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter” list below or on TwitChimp here: http://twitchimp.com/user/AlexOlesker/federal-tech-experts/

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