Federal-Wide Mentoring Program for New Employees

It’s time for us to invest in our future government leaders from the moment they join our workforce!

Do you remember your first days when you became a federal employee? And do you wish you had someone to talk to or go back and maybe do something a little different? Are you just starting your federal career and not sure where to turn for support?

Well this 2013 President’s SAVE Award is for you! If you understand how important it is to build a stronger workforce, then here’s your chance to VOTE for it. Your vote will help establish a new government-wide program that pairs new federal employees with experienced employees (3 years or more of service) and/or with a participating government-sponsored mentoring program.

Employees will be able to select their own mentor (from any federal agency, not just the hiring agency) or have a mentor assigned to them, so they can learn about how their agency/ department works, how collaboration across government works, steps for career growth at their agency or anywhere in government, and gain inspiration by having an established role model to learn from and “give-back.”

This program will:

  • Streamline existing programs and establish a government-wide model
  • Help reduce and prevent employee dissatisfaction and turnover
  • Give employees a voice and close communication gaps
  • Create leadership opportunities
  • Hold agencies more accountable for being the “best place to work”
  • Build relationships, innovation, and skills across government
  • Increase understanding of how government works
  • Leverage networks and people across government
  • Benefit in short- and long-term cost savings that arise from complaints, poor performance, knowledge gaps, and other difficulties within the workforce

Just hearing a success story and learning the steps to succeed in government whether at employee orientation or from a fellow employee will make a big difference in our federal workforce.

Time to get your votes in! Deadline is August 9th. #SAVEAward

Vote at: http://saveaward2013.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Federal-Wide-Mentoring-Program-for-New-Employees/433286-25136

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