Few-Day 3

Day 3 started at eighth in the morning. I was not quite sure that it would be worth waking up for but I did it anyway. I arrived at the conference at 7:57 for my 8:00 class still clasping my coffee and half awake. I took a seat in the front to help insure that I participated and would not fall asleep. As I looked around I noticed that I was not alone. Everyone seemed to agree that it would have been nice to have slept in just a little longer. Our prof- name with-held- was engaging but the class got out of hand, drew her off topic and we did not complete the lesson. It was a very long three hours.
My second class was more enlightening. The professors were engaging and knowledgeable. I was lucky to pick this class up after registration. Why someone would drop it, I have no idea. All in all, I think the day was quite worthwhile. There are many networking opportunities during the conference and people really seem to be open to making new friends. I can’t wait until Thursday. I have a Six Sigma class and I hope that it is all that everyone says that it is.

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