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Grading the 113th Congress: Incomplete

It’s been a few years since burning bras and the women’s rights movement, but women still face inequality issues. Whether it’s the glass ceiling or unequal pay, women are subjected to certain gender-based moves in the workplace. And organizations like Federally Employed Women (FEW) strive to combat this type of gender-discrimination within federal agencies. Chris… Read more »

6 Obstacles Facing Women in Federal Workplace Examined in New Report

Are working women better off in the public sector or the private sector? A new report by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) identifies and examines six major obstacles hindering equal opportunities for women in the federal workforce, in addition to highlighting stakeholder recommendations. The good news for Uncle Sam is that working women… Read more »

Women in government – A year in review, Plus your weekend reads!

The end of the year means two things: setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and endless retrospectives. While we can’t force you to put down the cake and pick up a carrot, we can help you do your job better by highlighting some of the biggest and best innovations to come out of government in the… Read more »

Supporting Women in the Federal Workforce: FEW Represents the Many

Recently in the news, there has been a significant amount of buzz around the importance of women in the upcoming election. With many women’s issues hotly debated between candidates at the federal, state, and local level, women have been highlighted as a key voting block to influence election outcomes this November. Long before the media… Read more »

Federally Employed Women (FEW) Mourns the Loss of Past President Jeanette S. Miller

Jeanette S. Miller served as Federally Employed Women’s seventeenth National President from 1998—2000. In 1979 she became a FEW member, joining the newly formed Oak Ridge Chapter, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She held various leadership roles on the local, regional and national levels and ultimately served as FEW National President. Additionally, she served on the planning… Read more »

FEW May 3, 2012 National Advocacy Day (AD) Program Success & Mission Accomplished !!!

ADVOCACY DAY LEGISLATIVE BREAKFAST THIS DAY YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!! Matthew F. Fogg – FEW National Vice President for Congressional Relations Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-AL) – AD Visit Thank You Letter.pdf FEW AD Team Lead Report On Visit To Senator Cardin.docx 2012-AD-Participants List.xls Latest News Update Following MAY 3, 2012 AD FEW AD Press Release… Read more »

Data Visualization – What is it? Why is it Important?

At the Web Managers Conference last year there was a session called “How to tell Great Stories with your Data” – about why raw data isn’t enough and how to display information so it makes sense to people. It received a very high rating by attendees and we were asked (by many) to do a… Read more »

Few-Day 3

Day 3 started at eighth in the morning. I was not quite sure that it would be worth waking up for but I did it anyway. I arrived at the conference at 7:57 for my 8:00 class still clasping my coffee and half awake. I took a seat in the front to help insure that… Read more »