Find Your Govie Patronus

Your govie patronus is your guide and protector as you navigate bureaucracy, slash red tape, and serve the public good. If you haven’t connected with your govie patronus yet, here are some for you to consider.


You’re as independent as they come, which makes you great at getting things done but somewhat uneasy with collaboration. Other people find your intelligence intimidating, a fact that brings you pleasure. It’s not that you’re judgmental, you just know you’re more purrrfect than everyone else. Forget balls of yarn—red tape is your favorite plaything.

A gray kitten with Fourth of July decorations and American flags in background on white.


Your skills and sharp senses allow you to find solutions amidst the dankest bureaucracy. No one can fool you since your cunning powers of perception let you see what others can’t. You’re wise beyond your years and your silence can be intimidating. Colleagues have learned the hard way that you are definitively not a morning person.



You’re a driven, hard working person that everyone wants to have on their team. Even though working in an office has tamed you, you still love to let your creativity run wild by galloping after new ideas and techniques. You’ve learned to harness your energy and turn it into career power.

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So far, you’ve been lucky in your career and your professional future looks bright. More than luck, you’ve gotten where you are by persistently rooting out the facts in every situation. This has given you a clarity of purpose and also a confident fearlessness. You’re self-reliant and face problems head on.

A pot-bellied pig wearing a patriotic red, white and blue hat and bow with stars for a fourth of July celebration


You chose to work in government because you want—nay, need—to serve. Your love of country and of people is unconditional. Day in and day out, you prove your devotion to protecting the people, their rights, and our country. You’re fun to work with, even if you’re easily distracted (squirrel!).

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Though you prefer to be on your own, you’re fiercely loyal to your pack of coworkers. You’re not a loner, but you are a little shy. When your team needs you, they know they can count on you to race to their side, ready to hunt down solutions and achieve success together. You howl with pride over a job well done.


Bald Eagle

You don’t work for the government—you work for America! Every morning you wake up ready for whatever the job will throw at you. A natural leader, your courage and strength inspire everyone you meet, especially the people your agency serves.


Lauren Girardin is a marketing and communications consultant, writer, and trainer. Find her on Twitter at @girardinl.

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Letty Grantham

I love this part of the newsletter page, clever explanation and view! 🙂 I want to be all so does that make me a zoo?! lol

Joyce Wolfe

I believe you will fing me to be a cross between the Wolf and the Eagle. Both of these seem to fit my personality, perception and skills. I have skills that very few know about.

Joyce Wolfe

I believe you will find me to be a cross between the Wolf and the Eagle. Both of these seem to fit my personality, perception and skills. I have skills that very few know about.

Please excuse the incorrection of “fing” in the first reply.