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What You Need to Know Before Setting Boundaries at Work

People often avoid setting boundaries in their professional lives. Maybe you think that setting and protecting boundaries at work will make you seem like someone who is difficult to work with or who isn’t committed to the job. But, without boundaries, you don’t know your healthy limits—and neither do your coworkers or manager.

6 Self-Care Strategies to Help You Survive the Election and Presidential Transition

As a government worker, you’ve got to take care of yourself so you’re able to care for the country. How can you practice self-care to reduce stress between now and the presidential transition?

Beat Holiday Stress By Being Grateful

A consistent practice of gratitude is what’s really good for you. Besides personal perks like improved physical and emotional health, being a grateful person can help you reach your career goals. It helps you be more likable, makes you a more effective manager, helps you network and get mentors, and improves your decision making capabilities… Read more »

What’s Missing in Professional Development

When I look at plans for Professional Development, I think we are missing the point. We make it all about the individual shaping his or her future. There should be more to it if one takes the notion, professional development should involve the people who have a say in a person’s career. Organizations say, maybe… Read more »

You Learn a Lot About Yourself When You Get Eaten by a Zombie

Two things I really enjoy: critical thinking and unique experiences. Generally when I find opportunities that include both, the conversation goes something like this: Me: Do you want to do something really unique? My fiancée: Oh gosh… what is it? Me: I need you to agree first. It is a critical thinking exercise, but it’s… Read more »

Unlocking Creative Potential – A Neuroscience Approach, Part I

In my last article I talked about performance from the view point of Performance Psychologists. This time we’ll take a look at what neuroscience has to tell us by understanding more about left brain-right brain science. I have asked Sandy Cormack, a personal and organizational consultant to guest blog on the subject. He uses a… Read more »