Finding Your Force as a Leader

In the spirit of Star Wars Day, which was Sunday, May 4th (as in #Maythe4thbewithYou), I thought it would be fun to delve into a few questions: what is the force? How can it “be with” us as leaders? And what can we do with it?

The Force:

In Episode IV: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi explains the Force to Luke as “an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.” I like this definition. It reminds me of the breath in my yoga practice, taking in from others what I need and expelling out to them that which I don’t and can share. Like the Force, the breath is both from outside and inside of me and it is what is connecting me to others. And like the breath, the Force enhances natural, physical and mental abilities including strength and accuracy. While the Force is omnipresent, there are varying degrees of sensitivity to it. Growing one’s awareness of him or herself encourages access to the Force. As a fun way to learn more about you and your personality, check out this Star Wars Meyers-Briggs Chart. To get your letters, go HERE and take the Myers-Briggs assessment.

Note: Larger, legible version of the chart HERE.

I got Princess Leia — what about you? Do you feel like your character fits? What about the explanation? Let’s use the comments section to discuss.

Be With:

The sentiment of wishing the Force to be with someone is really a reminder that the Force is there; it’s always there. It’s a reminder to be a leader. It’s a reminder that you contain everything within you to lead. You don’t lack anything.

The truth is leadership is not another hat you wear or another role you play. True leadership happens when you’ve enhanced your sensitivity by growing your awareness around who you are and what you bring to the table. What the Force does for leaders is strike a chord to be mindful to not only cultivate internal awareness and sensitivity, but external. The Force is created by all and works through all; its power for leaders comes from this connection. It connects you to everyone. Ultimately, the Force requires individuals to make a conscious choice, a leadership choice.

Using the Force:

The best leaders build solid relationships based on authentic connection. The Force provides a source of connection, a space of shared energy. As a leader, use the Force to access what others are offering and send out what you have to give. Where are some places in your life you can use the Force? For me, I struggle when I don’t feel like I am in the “right place”. I get so busy pushing back against the system that I miss accessing what others are offering and miss giving my strengths and talents to them. At home, I often feel like I am the one accessing from others and leaving very little of myself in return. However, the Force reminds us that the way feel isn’t necessarily reflective of reality and whether or not I feel like what I am offering is equitable to what I am taking is not what’s required in the leadership choice. What’s required is simply that I offer; the same is true for you.

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David B. Grinberg

Awesome post, Sabrina. I really like your clever use of the Myers-Briggs chart. I can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie in 2015, which should be great with JJ Abrams of “Lost” fame producing it.

May the Force be with you, always, Sabrina!

Sabrina H. DeLay

Thanks David for your comments! No doubt JJ Abrams will impart some magic into the new movie. Where did you fall on the Star Wars Myers-Briggs?