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Early Navigation When I discovered GovLoop 5 years ago, I had no idea that it would become one of my favorite communities on the web.  As a government outsider, I stumbled onto GovLoop as a graduate student navigating the changing Presidential Management Fellowship application process in the fall of 2010. It was one of theRead… Read more »

10 Tips for Women and Negotiation

Several months back I reconnected with a UChicago classmate who is total rock star over in the private sector. Lindsey used to help me survive advanced statistics classes and now she is the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Goldman Sachs Bank USA. When I say Lindsey is a rock star I meanRead… Read more »

3 Tips for Presenting Analysis

This past week I was able to attend a Management Concepts training offered by my Agency focused on presenting data analysis. This was a great three day training that if you ever have the opportunity to take I highly recommend. But as I know training dollars can be thin, I’m going to share some ofRead… Read more »

So You’re Stuck…Now What? Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Returning from long holiday weekends and vacation get-a-ways can often remind us of the places in our lives we feel stuck: in a job, a community or a relationship. Are you feeling like this little turtle? A few month’s ago, a dear friend and I were walking along a lake shore when we stumbled uponRead… Read more »

5 Non-Caffeinated Techniques to Wake You Up at Work

Maybe it’s the looming long holiday weekend, or the restless sleep I had last night, but I’m feeling so tired at work today. Whatever it is, you’ve been there. I know you know how I am feeling: unmotivated, hazy, slow, the list goes on, but my mind can’t process words that fast at the moment.Read… Read more »

7 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

I’ve been participating in a young professional women’s group. Recently we discussed and worked through Lois Frankel’s Nice Girls ^Still Don’t Get The Corner Office. Frankel’s book offers an assessment to help identify areas the reader self-identifies as performing well and areas the reader self-identifies as needing improvement. One common area improvement amongst the groupRead… Read more »

The Wager

“Let us now speak according to our natural lights.” – Blaise Pascal’ Who doesn’t, at some point, experience doubt: doubt in ourselves, in our abilities and our choices? Doubt, like stones thrown into a pond, casts ripples in our lives with even the smallest stones of doubt having far-reaching impact. This blog post isn’t aRead… Read more »

Controlling Your Inbox: How to Use Email More Productively

The second week of June is Email Week. To pay respect to my former “you’ve got mail” addiction, I’m focusing this week’s blog on email. I need to provide this caveat, any similarity to real person or real events is coincidental and for educational purposes only. Let’s begin. Imagine you are the sole survivor, theRead… Read more »

Where’s the Love? The #1 Reason Managers Aren’t Providing You Enough Feedback

How many of you are supervisors who wish you were giving more feedback and recognition to your staffs? How many of you are employees who wish you were getting more feedback and recognition from your boss? Whatever side of the question you fall on, manager and employee engagement through feedback and recognition is an essentialRead… Read more »