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One of things that I’ve found will hold true on the job is the aspect of being flexible. During my time working for the Federal Government I’ve found that flexibility is the key on the job. Given that short notice changes could come down the pipe at any time, being prepared to accept those changes can go a long way in shaping your future with the government. For some, they look at working for the federal government as a job, which it is technically, but when we chose to take the oath into civilian and military life we essentially chose to take on a role that goes way beyond our daily expectations. Our daily operations affect the lives of so many beyond the walls of our departments. Knowing that a simple task that I may do today will play a role in the life of a Marine in Afghanistan tomorrow is worth the time and energy spent accomplishing the task.

Working for the federal government is definitely about customer service. Flexibility falls into the fold because of the fact that sometimes one may have to go outside of the normal parameters of their daily duties in order to get the task accomplished. I make it a duty to not turn anyone down. I often times have different requests from individuals throughout different departments within my organization and I try my best to help them with the situation or direct them to the best source for the information they need. This all goes along the lines of flexibility. I’ve had numerous roles that I’ve taken on throughout my tenure with the federal government and I’ve never lost sight of the reasoning behind everything that us federal works do. We should all take that flexible approach to things we do on the job whether federal or private sector. How will you be flexible?

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