ForgeMil liveblogging “Community development is a contact sport”

Guy Martin, Forge.mil Community Manager
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“Government community development is a contact sport” @guyma @ForgeMil #pfgov #gov20

Vision: Develop a streamlined software development process for GIG (Global Information Grid) DoD
Approach: Collaborative environment supporting all stakeholders through the lifecycle

Why are we doing this? (Community Rationale)
Software code has become central to how the war fighter is able to conduct missions… DoD must pursue an active strategy to manage its software knowledge base, use, re-use, etc.

We have high-level support:
GEN Cartwright USMC Joint Chiefs Vice
DISA Dir LTG Carroll F. Pollett USA
DISA Vice Dir RADM Elizabeth A Hight USN

Collaborative Development and Test platform
Tools, standards, processes
Gov, Indus, Academia

First capability rolled out:
software forge – collaborative software development and reuse — AVAILABLE
projectforge – on-demand application devel tools (due FY 2010, prob this Oct)
TestForge – common test and eval environment – due early 2011
certification forge – agile certification process
standards forge – collaborative devel of IT standards

We’re taking a cloud-computing approach
Cloud cluster for testing, etc.
Attempt to deliver a terrific and full software development process

Key benefits
For Project Teams / Developrs
Improve collaboration
Central share manage, reuse assets

Consolidate and unify
gain visibility
Drive innovation

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Guy Martin


GREAT summary – thanks a ton for live blogging this! I didn’t get any questions, but had a great time presenting and hope it was useful to folks.