Former DC CTO, Md. Chief Innovation Officer @BryanSivak on #LocalGovChat Tonight at 9 EST

Photo via American Progress

Join us tonight at 9 EDT for a #localgovchat with Maryland’s newly appointed Chief Innovation Officer Bryan Sivak.

You can read more about Bryan, formerly the Chief Technology Officer for the District of Columbia, here, here, here and here, but I think the most telling quote about his approach to open government, Gov 20 and technology innovation are best summed up in his comments to GovFresh early last year. When asked what his “three-word Open Government motto” was, he responded:

How about a range of mottos, of different lengths:

Two words: Question everything!
Three words: Take some chances!
Four words: Start small, fail cheap.
Five words: Don’t be motivated by fear.

Tonight we’ll discuss how he has and will continue to push innovation and challenge the status quo. But hope to also touch on some of his other passions including shrinking the digitial divide, ROWE, social media’s role in innovation and more.

Join us tonight at 9 EDT by following/searching the hashtag #localgovchat. See you tonight.

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