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A custom jewelry manufacturing company took up a project to design and manufacture a necklace for an affluent personality. While in execution, during a metrics analysis meeting, the project team started to analyze the reasons for variations in the project’s key performance metrics. The concern was the cost of quality that had been increasing for the past seven weeks. The first milestone (design of the necklace) is supposed to be delivered in another two days and the project manager is not comfortable with the trend. The team performed an analysis and identified that most of the defects seen surfaced during the requirements phase. Despite the deficiencies that surfaced during the requirements phase, the design activity was still started. Though the tasks were clearly defined with objectives, the business analyst had been released with a good performance rating. There was no way the details on requirements could be gathered except from the requirements document, which was not complete.

Which of the following failed in the above scenario?

A.) Setting expectations and team performance assessment
B.) Setting expectations but not team performance assessment
C.) Only team performance assessment
D.) WBS decomposition


Hint: The teams assessment was not performed properly


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The correct answer is C
Explanation: Setting expectations did not fail as the scenario clearly indicates that the tasks and objectives were defined and the WBS decomposition is clearly not at fault either.

The correct choice is C as team performance assessment is measured in terms of timely completion of tasks, success on agreed objectives and results that are achieved by the team members. Since the team performance assessment was not done for the business analyst, the rating was give as good even though his task were not completed. More over this ignorance by the project manager has impacted the whole teams performance.
Reference: PMBOK4 – pg: 235, Section

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