Do You Have Some Free Time?


Working for the government is the most rewarding career choice one could have made but can also keep you quite busy with very little down time. Every branch of the government involves customer service, whether it be face to face, or behind the scenes. That would make us the largest customer service agency in America!!!

Now with that being said, depending on the agency you work for, you may catch an hour or so of free time. I find that to be the perfect time to embrace all the courses and webinars available to all government employees. Thats the time absorb all you can and rejuvenate for the next rush.

The following websites give you full access to free, fun and the most powerful learning tools you can find on the web, so feel free to enroll in as many courses as you like. Your agency most likely offers additional ones as well.


The courses on this website cover disaster related topics such as mitigation and disaster response.


This website provides federal agencies with expert resources to meet their regulatory needs.


Offered by OPM, this website has a wide range of e-learning tools.

There are plenty of great courses here to keep you busy and productive. Im sure there are plenty more out there, but this gives you a fantastic head start.

Learn and enjoy!

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