Friday Fab Five! Eustress vs. Distress

TGIF GovLoop Community!

For those of you who don’t know, GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler is tying the knot in Tampa, FL today! We all wish the best for Steve! I am on my way to a wedding in Portland OR – so congrats to Jen and Jon. These joyous occasions can cause great stress, but the good kind of stress – eustress.

For all of us singles out there I just wanted to share this YouTube Video. Being single isn’t always stressful, but dating can be. Today’s Fab Five deals with work related stress, the ways to cope with it successfully and

Today’s Fab Five:

1. Top Blog: Leadership Lessons from Grey’s Anatomy

2. Top Forum: Who Has More Stress?

3. Top Group: GovLeaders – Stress Discussions

4. Member of the Week: Patrick Conway – new member, not stressful 🙂

5. Quote of the Week: Stress of getting older“I am pretty old, so I remember when telephone use was restricted by companies because they thought people would waste a lot of paid time if they could get on the phone for hours at a time. Eventually they realized that people’s personal lives do not disappear the moment they come in the door to work, and treating their employees that way just made them less productive.

If I had access to Facebook I would not spend all day using it – but I might find a person or some specific information that would help my job performance.” – Bob Logan of Morrisville PA

Have a great weekend!

🙂 Paul, GovLoop Fellow, Community Leader Coordinator

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