Friday Fab Five: Monday, Mobility and Modeen

Happy Friday GovLoopers! Hope you have gotten your holiday shopping list under control! Here is your Fab Five for the week!

Top Forum: Monday Morning Meetings…? Pass. by Michelle Rosenblum. Michelle contemplates the effectiveness of having a meeting first thing Monday morning. Are people really awake yet from the weekend to have this be productive – share your views with Michelle.

Top Blog: Managing the Stress of Being Left Behind by Gordon Lee Salmon Gordon discusses the stress management techniques, especially for those who survive the upcoming redux in government workforce.

Top Member: Danielle Blumenthal has been very active with several featured blogs.

Top Group: Mobility for Government – A space to share ideas and engage in dialog with SAP around how mobility can help maximize productivity for government agencies and the citizens they serve.

Best Quote: Comes from Lauren Modeen

I just read this wonderful article on the Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2011 and from it distilled 16 communication tips to live by. What do you think? What else should be on the list?


1. Be consistent

2. Be energetic

3. Trumpet a direction

4. Speak from the heart

5. Know when to keep your mouth shut

6. Be multi-dimensionally creative and create unique experiences

7. Be graceful

8. Be different


9. Don’t deceive

10. Don’t NOT communicate

11. Don’t be erratic

12. Don’t not know basic stuff

13. Don’t talk with marbles in your mouth

14. Don’t be meek

15. Don’t be arrogant

16. Don’t try to please everyone

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