From coast to coast, riders use apps to track buses

AltTransport highlights real-time bus tracking apps from New York to California where, as announced last month, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA) recently launched Nextrip. In a related story, KABC-TV spoke with some satisfied customers about LA Metro’s real-time bus arrival information service. “It’s pretty good,” said one rider. “If I know my bus is going to be late I can switch to another one.” MTA officials say that more than 100,000 riders have used NexTrip since its soft launch earlier this year. “Traffic happens, accidents, construction happens and those cause delays in the vehicles in our fleet,” said MTA’s Al Martinez. “The average rider wants to know if it’s going to be three minutes late or four minutes late. They want to know when their bus is coming.”

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Susan Bregman

I use one in Boston. It works better for some routes than others, but it’s definitely better than wondering where the bus is.

Alicia Mazzara

I use NextBus all the time in D.C. It’s made me much more likely to take the bus since I can better plan my schedule based on arrival times.