From Microsoft FutureFed: Innovative technology to maximize government interaction

Microsoft just launched a blog called FutureFed and it has some great content about technology and the government. Here’s a recent post about Transparency and the Government: President-Elect Obama campaigned in an unconventional and transformational way, using the Internet to link people together, collaborate, and provide information. He has proven that he and his team understand the far-reaching power of the Web, social networking, and collaboration. This approach should drive innovative uses of technology in government to maximize government-to-citizen, government-to-business, and government-to-government interaction.

It won’t be a simple task, however, to adapt many of the practices and technology processes used in his campaign (and in most Web 2.0 environments) across the government environment. Disparate legacy systems, stringent security and privacy standards, and ethics considerations are among the many factors that will affect transformation. And, the technologies used to enable transparency, information sharing, and collaboration must not only be enterprise ready and secure, but also government ready and secure.

There are a tremendous number of opportunities and a variety of technologies which can be used to transform government, including knowledge worker solutions, Government 2.0 functionality, and performance management and business applications. The drive will be to move beyond transactional government to empower government and citizens in a very interactive way. Additionally, it will be imperative for a transparent government to securely track, monitor, report, and measure the results of initiatives and programs.

Carolyn Brubaker-Microsoft Director of Business Development for the Civilian Government Business.

To check out the actual post, go here: http://blogs.msdn.com/uspublicsector/archive/2008/12/09/innovative-technology-to-maximize-government-interaction.aspx

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