State/Local Adaptation to Climate Variability, Extreme Weather…Fusing Data for Tactical Decision-Making

I’m out here in Phoenix with Molly O’Neil, Jerry Johnston, Jeff Levy and 800 others for EPA’s EnviroInfoSymposium. We presented a paper I wrote with AZ DEQ Secy Steve Owens and EPA GIO Jerry Johnston on next best moves for states, locals dealing with extreme weather. We’ll be working together in the coming months to prove global air quality data down to local decision-makers. Stay tuned…

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Steve Radick

Zach – didn’t realize that you were going to be out in Phoenix for this. I would have connected you with Christy Cunningham, a member of my team whom I sent to represent our social media capability out there. I believe that she was part of some sort of social media panel presentation on the 11th – you didn’t by chance, run into her, did you?