FTC “Do Not Track?” Bring it on …

Web Analytics Rock Star Eric Peterson writes:

As the hubub around consumer privacy continues I was gently prodded by a friend to pipe up in the conversation.

While my feelings about how we have ended up in this position are pretty clear, and while my partner John and I have proposed what we believe is a step in the right direction regarding online privacy and the digital measurement community, it seems that some type of ban or limitation on online tracking is becoming inevitable.

Without getting political or debating the reality of what we can and cannot know about online visitors I have a single word response to the FTC:


Before you accuse me of changing my stripes or going completely nuts consider this: If the FTC is able to somehow pull off the creation of a universal opt-out mechanism, and if the browser developers support this
mechanism despite clear and compelling reasons not to, and if consumers actually widely adopt the mechanism — all pretty big “ifs” in my humble opinion — then I believe the digital measurement industry will do what I have already described as inevitable:

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