Gang bill on Inside Olympia

From the TVW synopsis: “Anti-gang legislation is stirring debate over public safety and civil rights. Host Austin Jenkins interviews Attorney General Rob McKenna, and hosts a panel discussion with an ACLU representative, a police officer, and an ex-gang member.”

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Interesting that the gentleman can see both sides of the coin. From time to time, I enjoy watching History Channel documentaries on gang operations. How does this bill affect you and your community? Are most of the gangs a particular ethnic group?

Sarah Lane

Sorry, for some reason this feed only brings in the summary of our blog posts, not the whole posts or even a link to the posts. We are working on this problem. Here is the link to the blog post and video.

Allen Sheaprd

Gun legislation already affects us. Not only do gun owners have to register but there is a whole list of rules and their effects.

The first three are facts with effects. The last two are opinion.

1) If you are stopped, roll the window down – put both hands on the door and tell the officer “I have registered gun and permit. The gun is unloaded but in the car. What do you want me to do?”

2) Can not go to church with a fire arm – unless you will carry the offering to the bank.

3) Can not go on school property and in my state must stay 1,000 feet away. So yes you can not driveby a school. One must leave their gun somewhere before picking their child up.

4) Fewer adults are buying guns. IMO this means more kids are not shown gun safety. There increasis the curiosity factor and “wow” of holding a gun. A person who does not know how to handle a fire arm is almost as dangerouse as a person with a car who does not know how to drive. BTW licensed drives kill more people than gun owners.

5) Due to a lack of training people think holding a gun is a sign of power or safety. Hence people will misuse them.

Please feel free to disagree