General Dynamics Releases NSA-Certified COTS computers, can NSA deliver on cost savings and more


The NSA needs to find cheaper ways to activate intelligence, and sharing seems to be one of them

  • General Dynamics has introduced the TACLANE MultiBook laptop – which is certified by the NSA to secure network communications on Secret and below levels. This laptop can operate simultaneously on classified and unclassified networks, and securely on the public Internet. Via Dark Reading, more here.
  • The Inspector General chides DHS for careless acquisition practices – the IG found the Technology Integration Program ought to be labeled as a major acquisition, which will provide more oversight and review processes. TIP is a large and costly acquisition that is critical to establishing a solid IT infrastructure at the St. Elizabeth’s campus. It is part of the DHS Headquarters Consolidation Program.” Via Federal Computer Weekly, more here.
  • Rear Adm. Samuel Cox, Director of Intelligence at CYBERCOM, says that the combatant command lacks agility – While Cox says the appropriate authorities are in place, the dearth of agility to move capabilities to new combat zones is galling. Cox says we need to put the grunt work and ground time in to have cyber capabilities in place. There is segregation between the “exploiters” and the “attackers” which creates a disconnect. Via FierceGovernment IT, more here.
  • CertiVox launches One-click security within Microsoft Outlook – Outlook is one of the most used enterprise e-mail programs (both within government and without), and CertiVox has launched PrivateSky for Outlook. It “enables users to automatically encrypt messages and large files from within their Outlook client.” PrivateSky installs a single button into Outlook which takes just a PIN to encrypt the files. Via Net-Security, more here.
  • The DoD is pushing spectrum sharing as a solution to wireless crunch – at the CTIA Mobilecon tradeshow, Major General Robert Wheeler, deputy CIO for the DoD described how the government intends to open up spectrum to the market. He stated that the DoD would start to trim some of their spectrum to share with the telecoms. Via C-Net, more here.
  • DoD to private sector: We need your help with Mobile Innovation – At the CTIA Mobilecon tradeshow, Major General Robert Wheeler, deputy CIO for the DoD also asked for help from the private sector to solve their mobile difficulties. “Overall, the DoD’s mobile strategy involves sourcing cheaper solutions than are generally available on the mass market, yet with equal or better security and productivity that’s ahead of the curve, Wheeler described.” Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Last year, General Alexander said they would find 1/3 costs savings by moving to the cloud, will it come true? This article from AOL’s Colin Clark states that the savings, which could near 25% will take time to achieve. Via AOL, more here.

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