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C’mon…Practice Some Self Control!

I know you’ve been there, (I have too). You get to work, check your email and see that a friend/cousin/mailman uploaded some photos, tweeted, or did some other thing that really isn’t that important. But what do you do? You click and then an hour later you are left scratching your head about what brought you to that site in the first place.

Behold the app for Macs “Self Control,” allows you to “blacklist” a site (ahem, reddit) for a certain time period. It disables access to sites (that you pick) for as long as you wish, and then counts down from the time listed within the icon located in your toolbar. Personally, I have 20 minutes and 39 seconds until I can access the Fluffington Post. Kidding, sort of 🙂

Anyone know of a site manager app similar to this for our PC friends?

Suggestions on other apps/tools that help you maximize focus and minimize interruptions to stay on task?

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Henry Brown

Thanks Ami;(Use Firefox) Can again realize some significant accomplishment on my daily goals, instead of at the end of the day wonder where the day went!