Get Inspired and Motivated with these Top Apps

From mothers working to maintain a loving household to people exiting drug rehab centers on the path to a new life, everyone needs a little inspiration and motivation every once in a while.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of helpful apps out there designed to provide just that. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or uninspired, consider downloading one or more of these wonderful apps:

  • The Bucket List. Few things can motivate and inspire a person more than the thought of not having done everything they would have liked to do before their time on this earth is over. The Bucket List is an awesome app that will allow you to create and manage a list of those “must do” things you’d like to experience before you pass on.

    But it’s not just a dream list. You can put anything on your list, large or small, and even keep track of daily to-do items. Share your list with others and take a glimpse at theirs. When you’re having a rough day, bring out your list to remind yourself of the goals you’re working toward.

  • Goal Tracker. This app is similar to The Bucket List, but it is designed for use as a daily tool for everyday life, rather than for special trips or events. You can input financial goals, career goals and even sleep and relaxation goals.

    This app lets you log your progress so you can see the percentage of a goal that you have met. Want to save $500 for a killer night on the town? Put it in goal tracker and watch your progress. Seeing your goals, as well as your progress, can be an excellent motivator to stay the course.

  • Inspirational Quotes. Every once in a while, something as simple as an eloquent sentence or two can have a tremendous impact on your mood. This app provides inspirational quotes for nearly every situation that life may bring.

    If you need a little pick-me-up on a drab day, you’ll have access to over 6,000 bites of inspiration and wisdom. You can even share quotes you’ve heard that inspired you, and feel good knowing you may have helped to inspire someone else.

  • Meditation Helper. Sometimes, meditation can be a wonderful tool to help you de-stress, unwind, reflect and sort out the events and challenges of your life. Trying to relax and focus while also keeping an eye on the clock, however, can be a bit counterproductive.

This app is a simple timer that will take the worry about spending too much or too little time in meditation out of the equation, so you can just sit back and focus. Track your meditation times to keep a record of how often you’re taking the time to reflect, and for how long, and then use that information to discover what your most helpful duration for meditation is.

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