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Female Athletes and Social Expectations

The 2012 Olympics were important for female athletes everywhere. For the first time since, well, ever, every nation competing fielded at least one female athlete. Which was great. Of course, we also had Hairgate, where Twitter users got their collective panties in a bunch because Gabby Douglas was more concerned with winning two gold medalsRead… Read more »

WikiLeaks’ Support Wavers

The hacker collective Anonymous has long been a supporter of WikiLeaks, due to their mutual goal to unearth government secrecy. But that relationship seems to be fading away. Due to the obvious anonymity of Anonymous, few details are available, but Tweets like, “We…withdraw out support (of WikiLeaks)” point to a break-up. The recent disagreement betweenRead… Read more »

Amazon’s Government-Centric Cloud Explosion

Lately, Amazon has been catering to the high number of government customers that depend on the site. A respectable 1,800 government employees are regular Amazon visitors, and the site is committed to providing a stellar experience for civil servants. The majority of these visitors (1,500) are educational employees who are quickly adopting cloud computing. ThusRead… Read more »

Construction and the Cloud

It’s been suggested in the past the construction industry is slower to adopt new technology than many other industries, and there’s some truth in that. Part of the problem lies in the sheer number of sectors within the industry, from architects and designers to heavy machinery providers and construction crews. Getting everyone involved to adoptRead… Read more »

It’s Who You Know

Have a quality website, active social media presence, but still not reeling in the kind of customers or clients you want? The world of marketing and networking may have changed, but one thing is the same — it’s all about who you know. Reaching out to people still takes a little finesse even if itRead… Read more »

Business Watch: One Chinese Company Dominating the Online Markets

For many years now, China has been known for its advancements — and investment — in technology. It’s no surprise Internet marketing is a rapidly growing field in the country. In fact, it’s growing so quickly there are not enough trained professionals to fill the available jobs. Baidu, a Chinese-based Web company, identified this deficitRead… Read more »