Get on CfA Accelerator’s Shortlist @ Startup Weekend

It’s a mashup we love — hackers, wonks, and startup enthusiasts in the nation’s capital coming together to create a civic startup in 54 hours. e-Government in DC, hosted Code for America and Startup Weekend, challenges participants to focus on creating a startup that solves a real-life problem faced by federal or local governments, agencies, citizens, and businesses.

If breathing innovation and entrepreneurship into the public sector isn’t enough to get you fired up, perhaps an opportunity for a spot in Code for America’s Civic Startup Accelerator might do it?

An enticing carrot for civic-minded entrepreneurs: the winning team will earn a place in the finalist round of selection for CfA’s Civic Startup Accelerator. Given that more than 230 startups applied for the inaugural accelerator in just over a month, the chance for a space on short list is an exciting opportunity.

Participants in Startup Weekend D.C. will also have a chance to hear from speakers like U.S. CTO Todd Park and get feedback from judges including former U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra and CfA’s Government Relations Director Mark Headd.

Regardless of prizes, speakers, and judges, Startup Weekend D.C. highlights some key reasons why civic startups are such a hot space to be in right now.

Besides huge market opportunity and less competition than many private sector verticals, civic startups aim to tackle some of the most meaningful and interesting issues we currently face. Whether it is making government operations more efficient, supporting and enhancing civic engagement, or simplifying government collaboration, the challenges are tough and the potential for impact is great. In short, it’s the stuff of an entrepreneur’s dreams.

So if you’re a hacker who is civic minded, a wonk who can speak tech, or a curious citizen looking to solve some tough challenges, register here! Startup Weekend D.C. takes place June 15-17, 2012 at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase office.

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