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Startup Culture Has a Place in Government

Although both sides may be loath to admit it, large government agencies and big corporations share many of the same organizational characteristics. Both generally have sizeable human capital requirements. Both are governed by bureaucratic rules and procedures. And both have been delivering their services, in one form or another, for a long time. Of course,Read… Read more »

Why I Joined a Civic Startup

I am proud to be a part of a civic startup. After working with big government contractors for over five years, I knew the business of government. Several months ago I began looking for new career opportunities. I wanted to continue working with government, but I wanted to actually make a difference. In my jobRead… Read more »

New contest: can you describe a new start-up (or organization) without using ANY of these words?

I originally wrote this blog post because I have noticed, as the federal government has gotten more “startuppy,” the language in the articles covering Startup Gov enterprises has started to get more buzzwordtistic, more tech startup delirious. To the detriment of sense. We can stop this, people. We can, and we should, because at aRead… Read more »

Can Government service be as ‘sexy’ as the startup?

Photo credit: Luis Gomez Photos Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting two young entrepreneurs–the co-founders of the super-hip, new event crowdfunding startup, EventStir. Afghani-born Sajad explained to me how he met his business partner Andrew, at Startup Weekend DC. The event is a 54-hour race against the clock to launch a business in oneRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Start-ups and Local Government, a Match Made in Heaven?

As I’ve come to realize, government and industry play an important role in supporting each other. There are many emerging technologies — see graphene — which without government investment in commercializing the technology, may never make it out of the research labs. Government Chief Information, Innovation, and Technology Officers have come to realize this, asRead… Read more »

Get on CfA Accelerator’s Shortlist @ Startup Weekend

It’s a mashup we love — hackers, wonks, and startup enthusiasts in the nation’s capital coming together to create a civic startup in 54 hours. e-Government in DC, hosted Code for America and Startup Weekend, challenges participants to focus on creating a startup that solves a real-life problem faced by federal or local governments, agencies,Read… Read more »

Why Civic (Startup)?

Last week, Good Magazine featured the launch of our Civic Startup Accelerator, which prompted a bunch of tweets — mostly supportive, some curious, but one however caught my eye: Peace Corps meets VC meets Silicon Valley. But why not just work for a startup? — Chase Adam (@ChaseAdam17) May 12, 2012 Basically it’s theRead… Read more »

Zuckerbergs Hoodie Stirs Controversy on Wall Street – They Just Don’t Get It…

Some on Wall Street were up in arms recently as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wore his signature hoodie to meet with potential investors on the verge of Facebook’s initial public offering. Others rushed to defend the young CEO, going so far as to point out that he likely does not — and should not —Read… Read more »

Santa Cruz Startup Changes the Game of Online Privacy!

This is a blog post by Civinomics’ very own Nora Lewis. Privacy Choice is a local startup here in Santa Cruz and they’re changing the way we think about privacy. Here at Civinomics, we have an inherent interest in promoting new, innovative, and especially disruptive ideas. We think Privacy Choice is awesome, and you probablyRead… Read more »