Give & Get at the Cyber Security Seminar

Don’t miss your chance to attend this intensive half-day seminar exploring the challenges of Information Assurance.

This interactive forum allows you to engage with Boston military leaders and industry experts in dialogue about IA and its critical role in DOD operations.

You will learn firsthand how war fighters on the cyber security frontline have employed the latest technologies to maintain and secure reliable information-sharing and network integrity.


Defense Systems and our industry partners will donate $5 per event attendee to Homes for our Troops.

This non-profit organization adapts and builds accessible homes for our disabled veterans.

…and Get
25 attendees will receive Bruce Schneier’s Secrets & Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World.

A perfect summer read, this bestseller covers the turn-of-the-century landscape of systems and threats, the technologies used to protect and intercept data, and strategies for proper implementation of security systems.

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