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Wahoooo!!!!!!! What a great game!! We went to the grocery store & I bought a slice of pizza to drop in my empty pit after being out on my motorcycles without lunch, so the girl at the register asked why I wasn’t watching the game & If I was recording it. I said I had the recorder, but wasn’t recording because the best part is usually the 2nd half when it gets down to crunch time. I missed the first quarter, but saw that 90 yard run that Steeler #92 made!!! WOW!! Then the Cardinals made a great comeback in the second half with 2 touchdowns, one of which was a great run by the Card”s #11, but, eventually the Steelers recovered with a great touchdown catch in the end-zone corner & WON!!!!!
Some of those plays looked like they were taken from a Hollywood script! Just too cool. Great job by players on both teams.

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John 8:32
De Oppresso Liber

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Amazing. I was a Steelers fan for the night only because I like Big Ben (we went to the same school at roughly the same time). Great game. Two awesome Super Bowls in a row.