Goin’ Public W/My Blog

Ever since I started blogging here on GovLoop, I’ve wondered whether it’s a good idea to keep it “in the family,” so to speak. That is, I’m active on Twitter, and I’d let people know there that I had a new blog post up, but I was always aware you had to be a member even to read my blog here. I didn’t mind so much, esp. this whole thing was an experiment, and I really didn’t know whether I’d keep going. Plus, I figured anyone interested in my topic of gov’t and social media would want to join GovLoop.

Well, a few months have gone by, and I’ve convinced myself I will keep blogging, so the question of Govloop became the next thing to decide. So I did the typical Web 2.0 thing: I asked people on Twitter whether they thought it mattered that I didn’t blog in a way open to everyone. The answer was pretty clear: I’m losing some folks I’d like to connect with by only blogging here.

I also asked for help autoposting in both a public blog and here, including long chats with GovLoop’s founder, Steve Ressler, but there was no easy solution.

So I’ve decided to do it manually until there’s a better solution.

I’ll keep blogging here, too, but if you want to see me “out there,” join me at my Government 2.0 Beta blog.

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Scott Horvath

I wish you the best of luck with your blog, Jeffrey. I had one myself and it’s still out there too (http://justagovy.blogspot.com), but I just couldn’t keep up with it like I thought I would. My thoughts come in waves. Weeks could go by before I have anything interesting to say. Then all of the sudden you can’t shut me up. In my mind it’s just not regular enough to have a blog. I enjoy reading them more than writing them ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck…I’ll be reading.


Keep up the great work Jeff and I think it’s great to have it in both outlets. I’ll keep on pursuing an easy way to automatically post on both. It’s such a fun time to be working on these issues….

Gabriela Dow

I like your blog (and am going to be checking back to see any answers to “Are there any original social media/Web 2.0 thoughts left?”)

It can be tricky, I have founf, to link all of your different communication mediums but you seem to be doing so successfully by connecting with your readers here, on Twitter and now on your own site… nice job! (and the video was a welcome surprise ๐Ÿ™‚