Save yourself, save $$, save the planet – get a canteen.

Trendy water bottles are still going strong. now there are the little packets to flavor the water. While the word canteen sounds like something John Wayne would carry it is a good idea.

Ok, its a water bottle or sports container not a canteen. Still re-using a single water bottle is better than using the water bottle once and then recycling it or throwing it away. It can be cheaper too. Buy the “good water” in bulk and refill your bottle at home or the office. When going to events see if they have water you can use.

If they have bottled water refill your water bottle and toss the empty container in the recycle bin. How many times has a person finished a water bottle only to find out later there is no re-cycle bin around? Here they can put the re-cycle bin in one place. Hmm, it might be better to buy the water in bulk! Hmm cost savings and helps reduce waste.

Note: not all water bottles are the same. Go with Recycle type one or two. Type one is PETE (a.k.a. Polyethylene Terephthalate) or type 2 HDPE (a.k.a. High-Density Polyethylene) Type two is stronger than type one.

Yes glass and ceramic are even better but can be heavier and break quicker. Hikers often prefer Nalgene. They impart very little to the water over a wide PH range. I think they are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate Copolyester so it could have #7 on the bottom only because it is not in category #1 to #6. For the full story and chemists out there please see

Type to avoid is #7 (a.k.a. other) this goes in the landfill. #7 is the catchall for what is not in #1 to #6. #7 is not a designator so it is neutral. Type 3 – PVC. Yes our water pipes are made of it and it is food grade but not better than #1 or #2.

BTW – eveyone having a two water bottles is great during a disaster or emergency. Why 2? In case one breaks or you find someone with nothing you have a spare. Two bottles means you can carry one, leave one with your supplies. This helps you have 2 quarts of water but you only have to carry one.

Be prepared.

Hope this helps.

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Allen Sheaprd


Hi. Good point – totaly forgot about them. There are many light aluminum ones that are cool looking and very durable. They often have a loop in the top for a strap.



Now if only the restaurants and convience stores would get on board! They would save money on paper/styrofoam costs with everyone B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Canteen/Container). I’m sure they would quip back with the fact that container sizes will vary, and drive-thru’s will take longer. Still, there’s got to be a happy medium!

Allen Sheaprd


That is a great idea. So many resteraunts have “bottomless” refils that having your own jug is good. 7-11 has this with their thermos you can re-fill so it makes business sense – not just ethical sense.

Yes containers vary but there is a crowed for it and they carry one size. The pricing could be per 32oz dispensed.

Sigh, drive through. Here things have gotten as automated as the coffee machine. cups are dispnsed, iced, filled and then delivered to clerk by machine. The only solution would be to fill them from a hose but then there are health concerns. If the hose tip touched one container it could become contaminated and infect the next person in line. The drive through seems like too much. The containers at a resteraunt like subway, burger king, etc. could work.