Good in a Room? How do you sell yourself?

This past weekend I read – and enjoyed – a book that a fellow GovLooper lent me (thanks, Andrew!), called Good in a Room: How to Sell Yourself (and Your Ideas) and Win over any Audience. The book, written by Stephanie Palmer, is an unconventional networking and pitching guide for those selling themselves, products, business ventures, ect.

Since I moved to DC, I’ve attended my share of networking events. The first and foremost piece of advice given in the book is to stop expecting to make lasting business relationships out of these events. I’ve quickly come to agree, though I still oft go because I like doing anything that keeps me from inertia, particularly if there’s a speaker to learn from. Plus, from conventional networking events I can practice for when it does matter.

The book also gives advice on how to make an initial pitch intriguing to a buyer. A bad pitch is uninteresting, uses jargon, and doesn’t entice further discussion. On the other hand, a good pitch is concise, on point, and paints a vivid picture of what you’re looking to do (showing, not just telling).

The book gave me so much more than just that, and I would recommend that anyone go pick up a copy.

What advice do you have for those looking to make connections and pursue lasting business relationships? Also, what advice do you have to form a pitch, and what is your best pitch?

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