Google Plus Has Me Posting Less to All Social Outlets

I find that since Google Plus launched a few weeks ago, I’ve been using ALL social media lot less. Twittering less, using Facebook less (I don’t use Facebook much anyway), even posting to this blog less.

I find this happens whenever a new social media option comes into my life.

When there are no new social media sites/products out there, I know exactly where to file each new idea I have. Funny, throw-away thought: Twitter. Photo to share with my friends: Facebook. Idea that possibly has some merit: Blog, then post link to Twitter. It’s all very cut and dry.

But add a new option to this menu and suddenly everything locks up. Suddenly posting anything anywhere requires extra thought process. And that extra little bit often means that I don’t post at all.

Now when I have a funny throw-away idea, I think: maybe this should actually go to Google Plus? Or should it still go to Twitter? What’s the dividing line between what I post to those two things?

By then, because of that extra little processing required on my part, I’ve lost interest in posting at all. If it’s going to take work on my part to do it, forget it.

Within a few weeks things always seem to sort themselves out. I’ve either made space for that new site, and can sort ideas without problem, or else I’ve rejected the new site, and can go on as I did before.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on behind the scenes with me right now, and why I’ve only posted here once in the past week (and hardly to Twitter at all, barely to G+, and literally not at all to FB once).

Back soon, with resumed output.

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Chris Poirier

It’s funny, I’ve had the other impact: I’m posting more, EVERY WHERE. I produce one product, and copy and paste, copy and paste..copy and paste..reaching as much or as little audience as I want with different “products”..in this world..only the most dedicated “wins” 😉