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GOSCON and Free Drupal Webinars

November 5th is GOSCON the Government Open Source Conference, and I’ll be there. In fact, I’m planning to volunteer a little of my time at the Drupal Booth, so stop by and say hello. Heck, you can even ask me about the http://go.usa.gov site. I promise, I will answer you.

I’m also planning to head over tonight to:

GOSCON OpenGov MeetUp!
Wed. Nov 4
6:00 pm.m to 10:30 pm
Aria Trattoria Lounge
1300 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC

Now, for the Free webinars:

I got an e-mail about a couple of upcoming webinars and one is tomorrow. If you can’t make it to GOSCON, perhaps you can make it to a computer and register for one of these.

Nov 5th – CommonPlaces Presents: Reduce the Cost of Each New Website With Drupal Multi-Site
Time: 1:00 PM EDT
Drupal’s elegant multi-site capabilities give businesses a repeatable framework on which to run many websites from a single installation of Drupal—enabling centralized system management while reducing the incremental cost of additional websites to almost zero. The benefits of multi-site include streamlined maintenance, lower operational costs, and the ability to target market segments in a more controlled way.
To successfully implement a multi-site installation, a business must also be aware of caveats and changes that may be required to their deployment model. This Webinar aims to be a primer of the benefits, and subsequent boundaries, of such a system.
If you are looking for a cost effective way to manage multiple websites, this Webinar will be just what you are looking for.

Nov 12th – Optaros Presents: Revitalizing Your Enterprise Intranet with Drupal, Alfresco ECM and Acquia
Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Learn how combining Alfresco, Acquia and Drupal can give you a powerful Social Publishing platform with everything you need to revitalize your enterprise intranet with engaging community features and enterprise-class document management. Using Activision as a real-life example, participants will learn how to combine Drupal and Alfresco to develop a truly powerful platform in order to revitalize an intranet with both powerful community features and rock-solid document management.
Join Optaros content management experts Chris Fuller and Jeff Potts along with Bryan House of Acquia to learn how to save time and money by leveraging open source for your intranet.
If there are other topics you would like us to cover in future events, please drop me a line.
Bryan House
Director, Marketing

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