Gov 2.0: 5 Reasons Social Media ISN’T Scary

Several great social media and Government 2.0 minds have influenced this post, including Steve Radick (“Why Social Media is Scary“), Craig Newmark (in discussion with Heather Krasna), Jeffrey Levy (commenting on a GovLoop post of mine), Emi Whittle (commenting on GovLoop members), and Mark Amtower (discussing the failure of traditional leaders to adapt to new networking models).

Others, too.

Hopefully, you’re back after a reading session in the great links above.

With these folks thoughts in mind, I’ve come up with some reasons I don’t think social media is scary in a Government 2.0 context.

1) People aren’t that bad.

Take it from Craig Newmark, who’s been dealing with baddies at Craigslist for 14 years. “You interact with thousands of people, you see, if you’re really paying attention, that you’ll have to handle a lot of negative situations. But you do see that people are overwhelmingly good. You do see that people normally want to give each other a break. In fact I see that people all over the country are pretty happy to help out.”

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