Social Media Explodes onto Fed 100

Each year, the readers of Federal Computer Week nominate people to win this prestigious award.

According to FCW, “The Federal 100 award recognizes individuals in government and industry who made significant contributions to the federal information technology community in 2008.”

I’m delighted to say I know many of the winners, and I couldn’t be prouder of all of them. But more relevant to this post, they’re all helping government learn about and use social media.

First, let’s mention Steve Ressler, who founded GovLoop. Way to go, Steve!

And here are the other folks whose social media excellence I’ve had the extreme pleasure of witnessing personally:

Sheila Campbell, co-chair of the Federal Web Managers Council and lead for the government’s web best practices site webcontent.gov

Bev Godwin, head of usa.gov (now on detail to the White House’s Office of New Media) and longtime advocate of innovative Web projects

Eric Hackathorn, Second Life advocate at NOAA and tireless government social media leader

Mary McCaffery, a senior policy advisor at EPA, who got us into the Collaboration Project with NAPA, helped lead our Puget Sound challenge, and continues to explore new social media boundaries

Molly O’Neil, EPA’s former CIO. Simply put, social media wouldn’t exist at EPA without Molly’s firm, steady support.

Janice Nall, brilliant Web manager at CDC who’s been using social media for years to engage the public on health issues (ask her about the WhyFlu)

Scott Burns, CEO of GovDelivery, who’s focused solely on one thing: helping government agencies communicate with the public

Frank DiGiamarino, vice president of strategic initiatives at the National Academy of Public Administration, and a major reason the Collaboration Project exists.

Huge congrats to all, and here’s to your continued success!

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My comment exactly. Eric – we’ll tag-team on Jeff for next year. Or maybe we can protest and get him in….

And don’t forget Frank D. of NAPA. He also won a Fed 100 and has done some fantastic work leading the Collaboration Project.

Jeffrey Levy

Hey, thanks, Steve! I can’t believe I omitted Frank. I edited the post to add him.

As to your and others’ comments about me, thanks a million, but it’s not a focus for me. I’m truly just thrilled with how much recognition social media is receiving. Here’s to a fantastic 2009!

Susan Miller

FCW published the profiles of the winners, with longer articles on:
Raymond Boyd: As easy as pushing a button
Scott Burns: Better government through on-demand publishing
Sheila Campbell: Government 2.0 for the pros
Eric Hackathorn: Living NOAA’s Second Life
Steve Ressler: Virtual community organizer

Main landing page is here: http://fcw.com/pages/2009-fed-100.aspx

Scott Burns

Jeffrey: I finally got around to joining GovLoop only to find that I’d missed out on your nice note when originally posted. Thanks! Your mentions above include several of my favorite clients.

Everywhere I go in old media or new media, you are there trumpeting the opportunities and speaking the truth. I’ve never seen someone so clearly doing what they are passionate about. I’m just trying to keep up!