Gov 2.0 Camp Mind Map

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Last month, I attended the first Government 2.0 Camp. It was a brilliant experience! Approximately 500 peers, thought leaders, social media pioneers and the occasional government 2.0 carpetbagger addressed the opportunities and challenges of new media in government functions. The break-out groups were relatively small in comparison to the massive audience sizes of SxSWi sessions.

It was invigorating to see other agencies putting new practices into play and to rub shoulders with those on the Beltway that I do not get to interact with much because our DoD agency, AAFES, is located in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, over two days and 110 sessions, I heard more than my fair share of tool buzz versus execution and policy questioning, but that was expected.

I think it is important to stress that government does not need social media for greater transparency…what we need is re-evaluation of policy hindering transparency (who, what, when, where, why – How do we collaborate and share internally? Think Enterprise 2.0.) then use the tools to spread the word and further collaborate externally.

As promised, instead of taking linear notes, I mind-mapped the camp! Never before have I taken notes like this…and I am still learning. I need to incorporate more images…but here is my stab at the buzz of Gov 2.0 Camp:

(Please note: I did not list specific tools/applications/platforms like Twitter, FB, etc.)

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