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Limits of Unconferences for Gov 2.0: What Next?

crossposted from Gov 2.0, in my advocacy, is use of emerging technologies to promote a more transparent, efficient and collaborative government. Gov 2.0, in its co-creations by citizens, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs, represents a dramatic remaking of traditional governance power structures through information sharing, low-cost and open source tools, and increased participation. As a massRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Camp Mind Map

(Cross-posted at Communicators Anonymous.) Last month, I attended the first Government 2.0 Camp. It was a brilliant experience! Approximately 500 peers, thought leaders, social media pioneers and the occasional government 2.0 carpetbagger addressed the opportunities and challenges of new media in government functions. The break-out groups were relatively small in comparison to the massive audienceRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Camp – What I Loved and What I’d Like to See Next Year

This post has been cross-posted to my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” Inspirational. Fun. Chaotic. Stimulating. Profound. Surreal. Exhausted. Excited. These are the words that I’ve used to describe the inaugural Government 2.0 Camp held this past weekend at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Georgetown. While an event of this magnitude andRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” – the Gov20Camp edition

Here is the start of a list of people’s summaries for the March Gov20camp. Please comment below so that they can be added to this list in addition to the coverage at Updated on April 4th, 2009. @cheeky_geeky: To catch up on the #Gov20Camp happenings, check out for starters! #gov20 @govloop: You HAVERead… Read more »

Gone #Camping: My 2.0 Experience of #gov20camp

The unfortunate budget realities in the State of California prevented me from traveling to Washington, D.C. last weekend to attend Government 2.0 Camp, but that didn’t stop me from participating! Thanks to live tweeting, I was able to follow the event from the very beginning to the very end (and then beyond, as presentations, videosRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Un-Conference, Un-packed

The first-ever government 2.0 un-conference was impressive and invigorating. Coming together with a reported 500 colleagues, enthusiasts and thought leaders in social media and web 2.0 applications was a great opportunity to focus my individual efforts as well as those driven by the Social Media Subcouncil on which I serve. Not to mention, the gatheringRead… Read more »

Government 2.0 Camp Minimalist Recap

Here is the long short, or should I say short long? IT WAS AWESOME. I met many awesome people doing awesome things. I learned a bunch, thought about a bunch more. Connected with people who I knew but had never met. Met people who I should connect with, but never knew. Thought of new thingsRead… Read more »