Gov 2.0 Practical Guide Principle #6 – Use Gaming and Play #OGI

Here’s the next in my series from the practical guide to gov 2.0 – Principle #6 – Use Play and Gaming

Enterprise learning professionals are increasingly relying on play and gaming as a key element of corporate training and development programs. They are doing so with good reason, as play and gaming are engaging in a very deep way. For those people who are into gaming, their games and communities are very consuming, and keep them coming back. A good example of this is the popularity of online gaming communities such as World of Warcraft or the interactive components of gaming consoles like Xbox Live.

These same principles can be applied to social learning applications. Taking the principles of gaming and applying them to a training scenario offers a very compelling and engaging way for enterprises to keep users active within a community.

For example, the Army relies heavily on play and learning in its MilSpace community in helping members develop critical decision making skills. Users watch a real-life scenario on video and are asked what they would do in a similar situation. When respondents answer, they can then see others’ responses as well as how the real-life person decided and what happened in the end.

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