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UK gov blogger’s comment re: online diplomacy

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Mark Danielson

Head of Engagement – What a great title for someone in the foreign service. I think this is great LP – It makes so much sense that diplomacy could make a leap with 2.0 tools. I think it will happen whether it is “official” or not. Pragmatically. i wonder what tools State is using now for communications? I’m sure there must be serious constraints on “unofficial” communications.

Thanks LP – cool article

L P O'Neil

Actually, State is proactive and out in front of online diplomacy. UK, Canada, Norway, New Zealand and other countries have come to us (!!) to learn how we do it. Read more about the tools we use at Wikipedia. Office of eDiplomacy. Someone should update that Wiki page to reflect the more than 6,000 articles in Diplopedia. Alas, I cannot do this during working hours

If there are “constraints” on unofficial communications, I’m not aware of them. We are encouraged to use social networking platforms officially and unofficially. I didn’t give up free speech when I swore to defend the Constitution. Of course, classified information remains classified as it should and one never confuses personal opinion with official policy.

The Bureau for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs maintains a public facing blog called DipNote, in addition to other platforms. Perhaps you can find DipNote through a Google search.

Glad you are interested in the engagement and diplomatic efforts sparked by knowledge management teams at State.