Gov shutdown (kinda) – 800,000 folks may be impacted, plus other business

Yes folks welcome to round three of govenment shutdown show.

This Friday April 8th will either see the sequal to the ’95 finacial hit or another extension.

This go round has more players Homeland security does not look to be involved. Those with multi year contracts are not involved. Ventrans affairs and “quality of life” departments will not be affected.

Also not affected are those receiving monies from other sources.

OPM gave gudance on exempt employees getting paid. Non exempt or hours folks are in more of a grey area. (source: ) ” Federal agencies do not have the authority to pay their employees during a shutdown, regardless of whether the employees are working as “excepted” or furloughed as “non-excepted”. “Excepted” employees will receive pay for hours worked when the Congress passes and the President signs a new appropriation or continuing resolution. Congress will also determine whether “non-excepted” employees will receive pay for the furlough period. “

For those who prepared relax. The feds can not go forever withou employees. For those still trying to prepare do your best – you are not alone. Action, not anger is your friend.

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