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Gov20LA 2011 Feb 12-13 in Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles)

Gov 2.0 L.A. 2011 is upon us shortly. As the founder I could not be more excited about what is about to happen. Gov 2.0 LA started last year as a way to bring people who are not usually together in the same room to be able to openly discuss both Government 2.0 and the technology around it as well as form long standing interpersonal relationships.

The 2010 event did all that and more. The Twitter hashtag #gov20la that was primarily used for the event has been in continuous year around use with discussions and links about Government 2.0 and gov tech. Very few live events see their hashtags be used for more than a month after the event. There was tremendous innovation and ideas that carried forward into 2010 through the manifestation of many other events as well as actual opengov and gov 2.o success stories. Personally I have said to many that it was a humbling experience – all these amazing people came together in a place they had never heard of just to take their industry further.

Well, here we go again. For 2011 we are introducing a new concept: “Brainjams” the merger of crowd-sourcing and brainstorming in a live environment. (A new/old concept drawn from an original idea by Chris Heuer.) These brainjams will enable those assembled to have partially structured time and draw on the world class minds we have assembled to solve problems and address issues around technology and Gov 2.0 . There will be brainjams occurring during both Saturday and Sunday.

We also have a world class venue – The Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, CA, literally on the beach – sand is about 20 feet from the door. We also have something more important:

A group of amazing and talented people from around the world, coming to speak to you in person and on the internet for two days. (Gov20LA actually begins on Friday February 11, 2011 with the Los Angeles Consular social media 101 boot-camp pre-event we are hosting in conjunction with the Israel Consulate Los Angeles and NPR radio in Pasadena.)

Our speaker list:

Saturday morning Keynote Address 1: Ambassador John Duncan, UK Ambassador to EU for Multilateral Arms Control and Disarmament. Ambassador Duncan will be addressing Gov 2.0 from the Diplomatic side as well as asking an important question: Is Gov 2.0 Transparency or Propaganda?

Saturday Afternoon Keynote Dialog 2: Jeanne Holm, Chief Software Architect, JPL/NASA. Ms. Holm will be talking about how innovation at NASA and at DATA..gov have led to new business processes, new ways of thinking and new ways of getting people involved in the change management.

Sunday Keynote Dialog 3: Jack Bienko, US Small Business Administration and R. Ray Wang, CEO Constellation Research. Mr. Bienko and Mr. Wang will discuss how Government 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 combine to create new companies, new jobs and how the underpinnings of a new style of governance will flourish on the two combining.


Saturday: Mobile-Action – Mobile Panel with Maribel Lopez, Chad Cattachio and Kurt Daradics – implications of mobile technology for the growing Gov 2.0 community, especially with regard to customer service and service implementation and delivery in both a global and hyper-local context.

Saturday: Know your Audience – Story telling with Bill Grundfest, Golden Globe and Peabody award winning Hollywood TV writer and producer. “How to tell your audience what you will tell them that they need to hear, then tell them what it is, then tell them what you told them.”

Saturday – Brainjams and open time for unscheduled sessions will be available thru most of the day as well.

Structured Brainjam – Moderated by Kety Maria Esquivel

——-Dishcrawl Saturday Night—–

Sunday: Public Diplomacy and the New World with Lovisa Williams of the U.S. State Department, Gina Evans of the UK Government and British Embassy in Washington, DC and Martha McLean of eCommunications, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Government of Canada and Dan Abele, Embassy of Canada , Washington, DC. They will be re-capping the highlights of the Friday Consular Boot camp as well as discussing the state of the art in Public Diplomacy around the world and how Gov 2.0 is pushing it farther along. These four will also be leading the Los Angeles Consular Corps social media boot camp on Friday February 11.

Sunday: Privacy and you. Christina Gagnier will lead a discussion of how both individuals and government agencies alike need to be paying attention to the new legal minefields that all of us using social media and the internet need to be aware of.

Sunday: The youth and the rest of us. Cartney McCracken and Evonne Heyning will lead a discussion of how to penetrate the minds of under 30 year olds and the implications it has for the rest of us.

Sunday: Open Government and ecosystem around it. John F. Moore will lead a discussion of how and where open government is creating new roles and responsibilities

Sunday- Brainjams and open time for unscheduled sessions will be available through out the day.

Also: We will be running a mini-crisis commons style mobile hackathon on both days.

http://gov20la-estw.eventbrite.com/ Register Today – before the venue gets full.

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