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GovBytes: What do Snoop Dogg and the West Virginia Chief Information Security Officer Have in Common?

According to an article in GovTech, they are both rappers.

After West Virginia’s Office of Security and Controls won NASCIO’s 2011 recognition award for the “Risk Management Initiatives” category, West Virginia’s chief information security officer, Jim Richards III, submitted a video to NASCIO about the agency’s IT projects to be shown at the association’s awards ceremony.

“I took up the challenge and we talked about what we might do. I just thought maybe we could put together a rap,” Richards said. “I’m not a big fan of rap music or anything, but it just sort of came together.”

Prior to the rap video, Richards and staff had been recognized for a series of videos they created for a security awareness program which showed real life security scenarios and consequences to provide online training to 19,000 state government employees.

How does your agency create security awareness?

Rap Video Brings Cowbell to State’s IT Security

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