Government 2.0 Tools not enough for CityCamp Boston

As you think about the potential value to the City and the entire region, it’s citizens and employees, of an event like CityCamp Boston it’s hard not to get excited. We are pulling out all the stops, technology-wise, and diving into full-blown social media madness (in a good way of course).

As you look to the right of the screen on our main site you will find icons underneath the Join Us label. With CityCamp Boston you can engage with the community in the following ways:

  • Email. You can always e-mail me directly at [email protected] to discuss anything CityCamp Boston related or to learn more about The Lab.
  • Facebook and GovLoop. CityCamp is not a new concept. Join with the main team to learn more about how you can get involved beyond just the New England (in the United States) area.
  • Twitter. Daily updates from other CityCamp events and relevant Government 2.0 information is always shared and yes, we engage. Have a question?
  • LinkedIn. We have a LinkedIn Group in place. We are not yet fully utilizing this but stop by and share your thoughts on how we could do more.
  • Flickr. We have a set of photos for the Boston area setup. As we move forward we will work to open this up further and crowdsource a great set of photos before, during, and after the first event.
  • Foursquare. Check-in as you read the blog. There will be benefits for our Mayor prior to the event, and on the event weekend, so don’t miss out.

Your ideas for sessions, and your input through voting on topics, will make CityCamp Boston a success. Remember to click upon the Comment box (at the right of your screen) where you will see a dialog similar to the picture on the right.

The basic format of the conference will be something like:

  • Saturday Morning. Welcome and fixed event topics to provide an overview of Government 2.0 and the needs in the Boston area.
  • Saturday Afternoon and Sunday morning. Unconference format with session you have requested and voted upon. By planning these topics ahead of the conference we will be able to reach out to experts to help them help us.
  • Sunday afternoon. Breakouts focused on key projects we want to work upon based upon the learnings at this conference. We will have vendors, citizens, municipal employees, everyone, engaged to kick us off in the right direction.

We are entering the teenage years of this century and, as any parent knows, the teenage years require education, discipline, and passion to survive and thrive. Lets bring those ingredients to the table for our city and our region.

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