Government Best Practices in Second Life

Hello Govloop members,

I recently wrote a news story that I thought you would be interested in. Bill Greeves, the IT director of Roanoke County, Va., recently talked to Government Technology magazine about a new group he co-founded called MuniGov2.0 It focuses on best practices of Web 2.0, and the group holds weekly meetings in Second Life, the online virtual world. Check it out.

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Denise Hill

Matt, Thanks. I am bookmarking the site. I had forgotten about this publication. Sorry. I sent myself the article to read tomorrow. May respond to this blog after I read the article.

Jay Montilla

Good article, it is good to see that more people are taking advantage of SL. Unfortunately too many people get ‘hung-up’ over the sleezier side of SL and never really fully realize what a great and useful resource it can be. One of greatest things about virtual worlds, like SL, is that they can help bring together people from all over the world in one place without having to worry about travel time and costs.